HSBC in Oman

In Oman the HSBC Group is represented by HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G. In June 2012, HSBC Bank Middle East’s Oman operations merged with Oman International Bank, an institution with a rich heritage, which was listed on the Muscat Securities Market. The new bank was renamed HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G.

HSBC has been present in Oman since 1948 and for two decades was the only bank operating in the country. In 1970 it assisted in the first issue of the Omani currency.

Over the years the bank has delivered a number of “firsts” for Oman, including being the first to offer ATMs, provide international ATM cash withdrawals, introduce an online banking system, and offer commercial electronic banking through its “Hexagon” product.

Today HSBC Bank Oman provides a wide range of banking services for both corporate and retail customers.

HSBC Bank Oman Board members:

  • Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles (Chairman)
  • Najla Zuhair Al Jamali (Deputy Chair)
  • Loizos Mamas Christodoulides
  • Ranjit Singh
  • Robert Adrian Anderwood
  • Christine Jane Lynch
  • Abdulfattah Sharaf

Find out more about the history of HSBC in the Middle East.


The graduation ceremony of Istidama programme for SMEs development

HSBC Bank Oman plays a significant role in the Omani community with its active Corporate Sustainability programmes.

Istidama Programme

In partnership with Sharakah (Fund for Development of Youth Projects) we launched the Istidama Program for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development.

The main objectives of the programme are to support entrepreneurs to grow sustainable businesses and integrate ESG into their business models. The programme equips SMEs with the knowledge, skills and know-how they need to improve their business practices and evaluate their performance and sustainability plans.

Build your Resilience Programme

We launched a new programme with Outward Bound Oman, which aims to build confidence and resilience amongst young people who have been negatively affected by the global pandemic.

Using the mountains and deserts of Oman, the four-day programme is designed to promote resilience, reconnect young people to reality, help build self-esteem, and improve mental wellbeing. The courses are particularly relevant for young people experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma or bereavement as a direct or indirect result of the pandemic.

Oman Fisheries and Aquaculture Climate Change Report

A new research was launched by HSBC and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), in partnership with The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Water Resources, which has identified the potential impact of climate change on Omani fisheries and aquaculture.

The outcomes of this research, which was conducted by CEFAS, are intended to help facilitate the development of actions to ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability in the fisheries sector in Oman.

At HSBC, we recognise the potential impact of climate change and have set out an ambitious plan to unlock climate solutions through our partnership with a range of stakeholders including charities, governments, non-governmental institutions and policymakers.

We commissioned this research to better understand the risks of climate change to this important sector of the Omani economy so that we can help build a more sustainable fishery and aquaculture sector in Oman, and protect the livelihoods, food security, revenues and investments associated with it.

COVID 19 Charity Projects

We have made contributions to a range of projects in the Sultanate to help underprivileged families impacted by COVID-19. The disbursements, organised in close cooperation with partner charities in Oman, will help in providing relief and recovery to individuals and families impacted by COVID-19, as well as hospital workers helping combat the virus.

Through our partnership with the selected charitable organizations in Oman, we aim to complement the efforts of the different government and non-government entities as they combat the virus and its implications.

We have always been committed to the local community and to giving back to society, and amid this national crisis we will ensure that we do all we can to help those most in need.

During the lockdown, our student-focused future skills programmes were delivered remotely, using e-learning channels, while its entrepreneur-targeted programmes, such as the Maharat Min Google programme with Injaz Oman that conducted virtual and online sessions.

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